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Data Quality Assessments

Data Quality Assessments

Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso

Intervention domain:

  • Public Financial Management, Audit, and Public Procurement
  • Planning for Results

Narrative description of the project

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of Burkina Faso contracted IDEA for technical support in strategic planning and in operational budgeting.
First, a survey on the level of satisfaction of MEF clients, suppliers and staff was conducted. The sample included 497 clients and providers and 320 staff members in six regions. This survey provided the main evidence for a sectoral and institutional diagnostic which laid the ground for the elaboration of the “Economy and Finance” sectoral strategy and the MEF institutional strategic plan.
Second, the MEF asked for support to reconcile its two strategies: an economic development strategy elaborated by the Planning Department, and a PFM strategy elaborated by the Budget Department and the PFM reform project. The two strategies were not consistent and led to conflicts and inefficiencies. The MEF commissioned IDEA to help them elaborate a single economic development and finance strategy. This project involved significant advocacy and consensus-building activities.
MEF faced significant delays in its public expenditure chain, leading to significant complaints of private sector supplies. Hence IDEA was commissioned to review the complete budget execution process with the objectives of: (1) Updating the expenditure timeframe in order to allow players to process cases within a small and reasonable period taking into account the new environment of fiscal decentralization; (2) Identifying problems that impeded a substantial reduction in numbers of rejections of public expenditure payment requests (procurement process, expenditure circuit, classification of supporting documentation, a priori and a posteriori financial controls,, etc..); (3) Proposing short- and medium-term recommendations; (4) Proposing a mechanism for the production, transmission and processing of data relative to the processing time expenditure of local authorities and central public institutions; (5) Proposing a structure of periodic reports on payments’ delays; (6) Analysing the current processing system of calculating the time delay, and making proposals for improvement.