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Masters Certificate Program in Results-Based Budgeting

Masters Certificate Program in Results-Based Budgeting

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Intervention domain:

  • Budgeting for Results

Narrative description of the project

This graduate level certification offered by University Laval and IDEA aims to build the capacity for analysis and synthesis, and enhance the competencies in planning, programming, and budgeting for results. It aims also to improve the practical skills in preparing multiannual and annual results-based budgets, as well as in monitoring public expenditure quality.
This program includes 3 modules:
Modules: 1 Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Framework; 2) Multi-year Budgeting: Fiscal Framework and Sector MTEF; 3) Work Plan, Budget, and Analysis of Expenditure Quality
The participant has to pass the requirements of the three certifications. Each certification includes 60 hours of coursework and working group assignments and 7 hours of readings and individual integration project for a total of 201 hours for the entire program. This program is conducted in 3 modalities, at a distance, mixed or online in the IDEA e-learning platform. The quality control is provided by LAVAL University, which revises and approves the syllabus and trainers for this program.