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Elaboration of the National Public Procurement Training Strategy.

Elaboration of the National Public Procurement Training Strategy.

Treasury General of Morocco – Ministry of Finance and Economy

Intervention domain:

  • Planning for results
  • Public procurement
  • Public Financial Management

Narrative description of the project

Public procurement reform holds a significant place among public sector reforms, particularly within the operationalization of Results-Based Management (RBM). The success of the reform process implies among others strengthening the capacities of professionals involved in the public procurement cycle management. It is for this reason that the Treasurer-General of the Kingdom, the entity overseeing this project, mandated the IDEA International Institute to develop a National Public Procurement Training Strategy which responds to the needs of all actors (public and private). The other components of this mandate concerned establishing a diagnostic identifying the existing offer for public contracts training, and developing scenarios endorsed by the client.
To ensure that the strategy will correspond to the specific context of the Kingdom of the Morocco, the first phase of the mandate was to carry out a diagnostic, identifying the existing supply and demand in terms of procurement training in Morocco. On the basis of this diagnostic, several scenarios have been developed and proposed to the Treasury General, which will choose one of the scenarios. It is this scenario that will then provide the basis for the development of the National Procurement Training Strategy.