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Innovation training and coaching activities for USAID in Mozambique.

Innovation training and coaching activities for USAID in Mozambique.


Intervention domain:

  • Leadership and change management

Narrative description of the project

The Mission endeavors to identify and promote innovative approaches to the development challenges facing Mozambique. It is in this context that the IDEA International Institute did this mandate to support USAID-Mozambique whose overall objective is provide a combination of training and coaching activities to staff to acquires new skills and knowledge and integrate innovations principles into their daily work.
More specifically this mandate was designed:

  • to move from past training and behaviour to serve as effective “bureaucrats” focused on following rules and regulations to “development entrepreneurs” that look for innovative and effective approaches that identify rules and regulations that need to be changed in order to move forward and have impact,
  • to change the mind-set of employees to embrace and practice innovation in their approach to all of their work,
  • to carry out a “hard pivot” or “extreme procurement makeover” to move aggressively in this direction, despite the weak capacity of government and civil society organizations.