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Masters Certificate Programs

Masters Certificate Programs


Thousands of public sector managers and professionals in various countries

Intervention domain:

  • Programs and Projects Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Results-based Budgeting
  • Financial Management, Audit and Public Procurement
  • Planning for Results


Narrative description of the project

This project began in 2007 and brings together the skills of IDEA International and Laval University of Canada to help countries accelerate public sector reforms. This innovative program was developed following several recommendations from developing country partners who wanted an applied program to manage the reforms. 7 Masters Certificate Programs are available in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Every year, on average, 200 professionals graduate with a Masters Certificate in the following areas: (1) Results-based Management (2) Results-based Budgeting (3) Development and Public Investment Project Management (4) Public Financial Management (5) Monitoring and Evaluation and Information Systems (6) Public Procurement Management (7) Audit and Control in the Public Sector