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Training program on Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Training program on Public-Private Partnerships (P3)


  • Managers and professionals working in P3 units in national and decentralized governments involved in P3 definition, ex-ante evaluation and management and monitoring processes;
  • Those who hold the same positions in advisory units of technical and financial partners (for example, development banks);
  • Private sector professionals who are interested in participating in P3 processes (eg construction firms, engineering firms, law and accounting firms, etc.)
  • Intervention domain:

    • P3 Design
    • P3 Management


    Narrative description of the project

    The IDEA Group, associated with Laval University, and Toraza-Zenith, the training arm of the Canadian Council of P3, together offer a training program in Public Private Partnerships (P3). This program concerns the design and management of P3. The main training product is a Certification that aims to train leaders in P3. This certification is complementary to CP3P Professional Certification, also offered by Toraza-Zenith, which aims to demonstrate a level of knowledge in P3. The certification offered by DEA and Toraza aims above all to develop practical skills in PPP management based on lessons learned and best practices. More specifically, it aims to master the concepts and methodologies for: 1) the identification of projects that can be carried out via a P3 modality; 2) development, evaluation of options and implementation of P3 projects; and 3) the management of P3 contracts. The program covers a variety of sectors using P3 modalities, including transport, energy, social sectors, etc. It comprises three modules: 1) the organization of a P3 2) the management of a P3 and 3) laboratory in P3.