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Preparation of a Project Completion Report for the Rural Finance Programme (RFP).

Preparation of a Project Completion Report for the Rural Finance Programme (RFP).

Ministry of Finance, Zambia

Intervention domain:

  • Programme/project management
  • Rural finance and Community Based Financial Institutions
  • Financial analysis
  • Sociology and gender analysis

Narrative description of the project

The Rural Finance Programme (RFP) was a Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) supported programme designed to support development of long-term rural financial services for rural poor people in Zambia. The programme included support to national and local financial institutions providing financial services to mainly poor or relatively poor rural households and individuals who required secure savings and credit, small‐scale enterprises and enterprise marketing groups, farming production companies and other medium to large scale rural companies as well as salaried workers.
The evaluation provided an opportunity for stakeholders to reflect on the implementation performance and results of key programme investments meant to leverage or assist in the attainment of the Programme goals. The PCR aimed to promote accountability and learning from major achievements of the programme, critically reflecting on the implementation performance of all project partners, defining post-programme responsibilities and extracting lessons learned with a view to further improve GRZ and IFAD country strategies.