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Risk Mapping, Appraisal Methodology and Database Development and Training on Public Investment Management

Risk Mapping, Appraisal Methodology and Database Development and Training on Public Investment Management

Ministry of Finance and Planning

Intervention domain:

  • Public Investment Management
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Information systems for M&E
  • IDEA solutions – Project for Results (P4R)
  • Capacity building

Narrative description of the project

This project supported the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of Cabo Verde in the design of a public investment management system (PIM) from the design to the implementation phases. PIM system allow to improve the allocation of public resources and the quality of public investments. More specifically, the mandate should help:
i) Establish guidelines for the public national investment system. The objective was to develop a practical and user-friendly manual that follows international standards to help public sector professionals apply methodologies and tools for investment project formulation and ex ante evaluation. This manual was prepared primarily for the MoF, line Ministries, public enterprises, municipalities and other stakeholders involved in PIM system, with a focus on achieving more value-for-money outcomes through an increase in the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of public investment
ii) Standardize the evaluation criteria and develop common manual to allow for comparison of various investments projects to guide the programming of public expenses ex-ante. The manual presents key definitions and recalls the purpose of conducting Cost-Benefit Analysis for decision makers, presents how to conduct an investment project financial and economic analysis and applies cost-benefit analysis to some investment projects.
iii) Incorporate IT/software tools to follow investments throughout the projects cycle, including during and execution and ex-post evaluation. Consisted in outlining a proposal for the necessary components of the electronic information system developed by the ministry IT team. The support focused essentially on pre-investment phases, namely: Identification of project idea and screening, Investment project formulation and Project appraisal.
iv) Capacity building. The objective was to develop a training program for the national team involved in the design, formulation, ex ante evaluation, monitoring and evaluation ex-post; conduct a training of trainers for local facilitators and a technical training for the sector actors.