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Support for the implementation of an IT application for Monitoring project performance (M4R) and Budgeting for Results (B4R)

Support for the implementation of an IT application for Monitoring project performance (M4R) and Budgeting for Results (B4R)

Directorate General of Budget (DGB)

Intervention domain:

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Budget Programs
  • Capacity building
  • Information systems


Narrative description of the project

In the context of the Norms issued by the West African Economic and Monetary Union directives, the Government of Mali undertook a reform of public finance management. This ambitious reform program led by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance –MEF aims in particular to switch the budget management to budget-program mode.
The implementation of the new vision of management of public affairs implies the participation and collaboration of several directorates of the MEF and sectoral ministries. The Directorate General of Budget (DGB) plays a key role in the budget-program reform.
The Ministry of Finance through the DGB commissioned the IDEA for the realization of a participatory diagnosis of the implementation of the different pillars of the Results-Based Management (RBM) and the formulation of a roadmap for the advancement of the reform of budget process.
The DGB expressed its interest to benefit from the experience of IDEA to strengthen the two weakest pillars: RBB and results-based monitoring of performances. The mandate supported the planning and monitoring stages of the budgetary process to:
1. Propose a methodology to sector Ministries and local governments for developing a unit cost matrix of programme outputs, articulate the plan and budget, and develop budget scenarios based on appropriate costing and results indicators;
2. Improve the information system for the planning stage of the budget process;
3. Improve the information system for facilitating monitoring of priorities and performance monitoring by main stakeholders;
4. Pilot implementation of these methodologies and related information systems for the programs of 2 pilot Ministries (Education and Agriculture); and
5. Strengthen the capacity of the DGB and other collaborating structures in this area, including the Statistics Units of the pilot ministries.
Propose a methodology to reflect government priorities during budget hearing sessions which translate into results and priorities-oriented budget laws;