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Discussing criteria to prioritize infrastructure projects

Discussing criteria to prioritize infrastructure projects

IDEA and the Infrastructure Council were pleased to receive the Government of Quebec, Quebec municipalities and private companies to discuss criteria for prioritizing infrastructure projects.

Given the poor state of municipal, provincial and federal infrastructure, the three levels of government have identified the renovation of these infrastructures as one of their priorities. In a context of limited funding availability, these three levels must prioritize and select priority projects. The private sector, meanwhile, wants to know the prioritization criteria to better respond to government tenders, or make them unsolicited proposals as relevant as possible.

The general objective of this seminar was to build the capacity to prioritize and select the most relevant projects by public and private stakeholders involved in the preparation of infrastructure renovation projects in the province of Quebec.

Specifically, this seminar aimed to:

Take a look at current practices for prioritizing and selecting infrastructure renovation projects in Quebec;
Identify and prioritize the challenges encountered;
Identify prioritization criteria based on good practices;
Present a methodological approach of prioritization and selection;
Suggest a communication strategy for these criteria to the general public.

Thank you to all our participants for the open and productive conversations of these two seminars.