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New professional training on project formulation and resource mobilization

New professional training on project formulation and resource mobilization

New professional training on the formulation of development and public investment projects and the mobilization of resources with the computer application Projects for Results (P4R)

The effectiveness of organizations in supporting the development process depends on their ability to design quality, relevant and sustainable projects, to mobilize the required resources and to ensure their implementation and monitoring. The mobilization of funds involves formulating project proposals that meet real needs and whose quality is likely to attract the attention of potential donors. It is therefore essential that organizations develop their internal capacity to formulate development and investment projects, and to mobilize resources. This training aims to strengthen the skills and abilities of managers and agents in the formulation of projects that offer a high potential for acceptability. By the end of this training, participants will have enhanced their ability to develop quality project documents using the Projects for Results (P4R) application.

This training is intended for planners, managers and coordinators of programs and projects for development and public investment, staff involved in the definition, management and monitoring of projects, as well as professionals involved in project resource mobilization.

At the end of the training, the participants:
1) Master the methods of identification of the needs of target groups and the of the management cycle of a project
2) Master the logical framework approach for the development of a project document
3) Master the techniques of writing ideas and project documents
4) Will be able to logically organize the structure and components of a project document
5) Will be able to write a project proposal that meets international standards
6) Master the basic functionality of the Projects for Results (P4R) computer application and
7) Will be able to write a project proposal for development or public investment.

Get more information by writing to idea@idea-international.org or by clicking here: Description détaillée de la formation (document in French)