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Strategic partnership with the National School of Administration (ENA) in Niger

For more than two years, IDEA International has been supporting the strengthening of initial training and continuing training for managers and agents of the Nigerien administration, the National School of Administration (ENA, acronym in French) and the Faculty of Economics and of Management (FSEG, acronym in French) of Niger. As part of this project initiated […]

Launch of the Mandate of Support to the Ministry of Planning, Statistics, Regional Integration, Civil Aviation and Merchant Navy (MPSIRACMM) of Congo

The Ministry of Planning, Statistics, Regional Integration, Civil Aviation, and Merchant Marine (MPSIRACMM) retained the services of IDEA International to support it in the development of: (i) its policy sector, (ii) its sector strategy which will take into account the three main areas of expertise of the ministry (Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration), and (iii) […]

Launch of the Support Program for the Strengthening of the National Public Investment System in Guinea

IDEA International has been selected by the Government of Guinea and the World Bank to support the reform of the national public investment management system. Several actions will be carried out over the next eighteen (18) months to support this reform, through the development of manuals, guides and programming tools, management, and monitoring-evaluation of public […]

B4R Operational for Budget Scenarios for the Guyana Health Sector

The Government of Guyana (GoG) continues to demonstrably implement the tenets of results-based management across Guyana’s public sector. This has involved public administration reforms in the areas of procurement, payment processing, information systems, public investment, planning, budgeting and implementation. The GoG has recognized the need to strengthen the link between the planning and budgeting processes […]

Evaluation of the National Strategy: Comprehensive Approach To Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases and Obesity 2013-2021 in Costa Rica

IDEA has been hired by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Policy (Mideplan) to carry out the evaluation of the “National Strategy: Comprehensive Approach to Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and Obesity”. The objective is to evaluate the design and processes of the Strategy and its action plan, in order to contribute to the improvement of design, […]

Independent Verification Agent in the Dominican Republic: IDEA continues its role

IDEA International and the Social Policy Coordination Office of the Dominican Republic signed in March 2019 an extension of the contract as an independent verification agent for the funds of Component 1.1 of the Integrated Social Promotion and Protection Project financed by the Inter-American Development Bank. Through this expansion, IDEA International supports the efforts of […]

Guyana : Partnership with Nations School of Business & Administration

IDEA International Institute is delighted to announce its partnership with Nations School of Business & Administration, Guyana, joining forces to introduce exciting new courses to the Guyana labor and business market in Public Administration areas. We have designed a program to fit your needs. Choose between 201 hours, 90 hours and 30 hours of training […]

Niger: New Graduates in Results-Based Management of Public Programs

How to manage the effective transformation of state-invested resources into services to the population and into infrastructure generating sustainable socio-economic impacts? Results-based management of public programs drives the technical assistance provided in Niger by IDEA, mandated by the PCDS*. It is in this context that on September 27, 2019, the 3rd cohort successfully completed the Masters […]

Start of the Masters Certificate Programs in Niamey

As part of the mandate to support the revitalization of initial and ongoing training of government officials, IDEA International / Laval University, the Public Sector Capacities and Performance Project for the Provision of Services (PCDS) and the Partner Training Institutions (ENA and FSEG) launched the Advanced University Certification Program on March 4, 2019. Seven (7) […]

New professional training on project formulation and resource mobilization

New professional training on the formulation of development and public investment projects and the mobilization of resources with the computer application Projects for Results (P4R) The effectiveness of organizations in supporting the development process depends on their ability to design quality, relevant and sustainable projects, to mobilize the required resources and to ensure their implementation […]